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Citrulu lets you write detailed, specific tests for your live websites, and tells you when things break

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Know as soon as your websites break

Citrulu is a website testing and monitoring tool which runs front-end tests on your live websites to check that they're working, and sends you email alerts if they fail. Citrulu doesn't just ping your server. It makes sure your site's features work, too.

  1. Citrulu robot: write code

    1 Write Tests

    With Citrulu, you write tests in a human-friendly, plain English test language. You'll be up to speed in a few minutes, and once you've got started, you can add new tests in seconds.
  2. Citrulu robot: run tests

    2 Run Tests

    When you're ready, Citrulu will run your tests. Tests can inspect your source code, page content, headers and more, using simple text matching, or full-blown regular expressions.
  3. Citrulu robot: get alerts

    3 Receive Alerts

    As soon as Citrulu detects any failure, it'll send you an email to let you know. You'll also get a weekly summary with useful information. And soon, you'll be able to receive SMS alerts, too.


Test your functionality, not your server. Never get caught out by clients finding bugs again.

Citrulu alert robot peeking out

citrulutestsCitrulu uses a simple test language that anyone can learn and read.

Citrulu’s editor is simple and easy to use. You can write and edit tests in your browser, and get instant feedback on whether they pass. Documentation is just a click away, but we don’t think you’ll need it.

It’s easy to check that a website is alive, but Citrulu does much more than that.

With Citrulu, you write tests to confirm that specific, individual features are working, not just that a server is responsive. You can write a test to ensure that a vital plugin is working, that no errors appear on a page, or that a password-protected area of your site isn’t open to the world.

Citrulu sends you alerts as soon as it finds a problem, or notices a fix.

No one wants their users to discover a problem before they do. Citrulu will tell you as soon as something breaks* so that you can take action straight away. Soon, we’ll roll out SMS alerts, so you’ll still get notified when you’re out and about.

* How often your tests are run depends on your plan. See pricing for more details.

Citrulu keeps a full month of past results, just in case.

Problems don’t always happen consistently. When Citrulu runs a test, it stores a snapshot of your source code for you to check later — just in case the problem’s gone when you have a chance to check it out.

Since it’s looking at your site anyway, Citrulu keeps an eye on what’s going on.

Citrulu keeps track of your page response times and failure rate for all the domains you’re testing, and sends you a weekly email. You can also check out the numbers within the app. Response times are a heads-up that there might be a problem lurking. And failure rates for domains let you compare the reliability of all your sites. (Got different teams for different sites? Why not start a competition?)


Citrulu is free while in beta. If you'd like to upgrade your package you can do so at any time.

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